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Kazoo Marketing and Communications is a boutique public relations, marketing and event management firm established in Tulsa in 2010.


Every Kazoo client is serviced by the founding partners guaranteeing an experienced and knowledgeable account representative providing the best care and services available.


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comfort kids donation drive 

The Child Abuse Network provides a collaborative approach to child abuse investigations by providing all the investigative services in one child-friendly atmosphere to reduce the trauma for children and their families. To this effort, each child receives a comfort item before leaving the Children’s Advocacy Center.

In anticipation of the increased need for blankets and stuffed animals CAN typically sees each fall, we worked with the organization to find a fun, creative, but also effective, highly visible and community focused donation drive. The results exceeded expectations.

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In marketing, knowing your audience is key. At Kazoo, we apply marketing research tactics to help our clients not only understand the audience they're trying to reach, but also to identify and locate additional target markets. Once armed with knowledge and understanding of your target audiences, we create and deliver impactful messages that move them to act, helping you reach your business goals.

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What is your story, and how can you share it with the world?  Creating a brand is about more than just a name and a logo, it should tell a story.  Whether you are an entrepreneur just starting a business or a large corporation with a hundred year history, Kazoo can help you define, refine or refresh your brand so that it reflects your story.

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At Kazoo, we seek to meet goals and make life easier for clients. Our event planning services will focus on the details and the overall vision of your event, leaving you time for fundraising or daily company operations. Whether working with a nonprofit committee on a fundraiser or managing all aspects of a corporate party, we ensure no detail is overlooked. Additionally, Kazoo’s branding expertise can create the event collateral needed to showcase a professional image to your guests.



With all the noise and information competing for your customer's attention, creating meaningful, useful content is more important than ever.  Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to interact directly with your customer, but it also forces brands to be more accessible, transparent and mindful of their customer.  Kazoo can help you navigate the noise to create purposeful content that's on brand and contributing toward your overall business goals. 


Public relations is the backbone of the Kazoo brand. In our business, this term is all-encompassing, including media relations, community affairs, employee relations, overall communications and much more.  Our public relations campaigns can share your community events, get the word out about your new products or attract a new audience for your company.  From social media marketing to traditional media story pitching, public relations can help you reach your organization’s goals.

Public Relations

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Got a marketing problem that could use some additional expertise to solve? Or need a professional review of your marketing materials? Maybe you have media contacts, but aren't sure how/when to pitch them story ideas that will net you media coverage. For the price of a cup of coffee (for Lisa) and a cookie (for Kristin), we'll join your for a one-hour brainstorming session for free. 

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